Everyday Health | 6 Tricks I Do Daily

by Hillary on February 25, 2015

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Stayfree®.


Every morning when I wake up, I don’t think, “Okay, let’s make this a healthy day.” What does that even mean? Who in the heck knows? Health and wellbeing is personal for each individual.

My journey to my role as a health coach, nutrition nut, and corporate wellness professional was not an intentional journey. Piece by piece, apple after banana, and yoga class after yoga class, I formulated a healthful life – that feels good to me… most days, that is.

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is ultimately reached when one stops trying to be healthy and just lives healthy.

Of course I think about my health and wellbeing on a daily basis, but it is the little tricks that have transformed into silent habits that keep me “on track.” Falling off-track is totally okay, too – and without falling off now and again, you can’t check your balance; here are six “tricks” I do to maintain my everyday health.

1. This is a recent ritual, but I’ve been popping two orange Vitamin C gummies each morning; it’s my tactic to keep the winter bugs away.

2. Eat breakfast. Guys, this is so old news – but, I don’t know where I’d be without a bowl of hearty oatmeal or almond butter toast to begin a new day.

3. Snack. All the time. You’ve gotta fuel the fire to keep that metabolism burning.

4. Eat greens in some form or another every day – whether it be peas in mac and cheese, a huge kale salad, broccoli in a stir-fry, or collard greens in a bottle of fresh-pressed juice. Greens equal vitality in my book.

5. Healthy fats. I talk to my health coaching clients about the importance of healthy fats – not just for every day – but for every.single.meal. Hello, nuts!

6. Movement. Two days is my max without working out and not turning into an irritated antsy pants. Whether it’s a Saturday hike, a 20-minute run after work, or a yoga class during my lunch break, exercise is my ticket to feeling my best.

Even during that womanly time of the month, I don’t ignore these essentials to maintaining my everyday health. The trick: Stayfree Ultra Thin Liners as a fitness must-have – light, dependable, unnoticeable.

Everyday Health: What are your tricks to staying on track?


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When Exercise Isn’t #1

by Hillary on February 23, 2015

Hi friends – happy Monday!

I hope your week is looking busy and bright. It seems to be shapin’ up for me that way anyway.

Last week, as you may know, I was in North Carolina [see: Icy Asheville Adventures]. You may recall that I hinted at a few guidelines I planned to follow when I wrote about my approach to healthy traveling; this included wearing my pedometer (walking lots!) and attending 1 to 2 yoga classes. Neither of these happened frankly. I packed my pedometer, yet chose not to wear it at all during my trip. Yoga was cancelled due to icy streets and unsafe driving conditions.

You can see I made it to the hotel gym a few times – and I did get in an adequate amount of walking around the beautiful brewery – but intense exercise was not at the top of the priority list last week. While of course there were some meals and snacks that may not have been my number one choice (including consuming gluten here and there) – that’s travelling for you… that is life. I thought I might be harder on myself for not HIIT-ing the gym hard or sticking to a strict gluten-free “diet.” You know what… I wasn’t. For the most part, I felt comfortable in my jeans regardless of a couple sedentary travel days.

What I am trying to get at is, if travel is not an everyday thing for you, do your best to enjoy the purpose of why you are traveling – what you are there for. Sure, it’s a different story if you travel 24 weeks out of the year; but, if it’s 5 to 6 days away from home – as was my case – your exercise regime will forgive you for taking a time out.



Workouts | Week of February 16



  • AM: 20 minute treadmill (walk/run) + (4x) 8 atomic push-ups / 10 jump squats @ 8lb. / 12 lunges @ 30lb.
  • PM: 30 minute treadmill (walk/run) + Dirty 30 Dumbbell Workout

Wednesday – 45 minute treadmill walk

Thursday – 40 minute treadmill walk + (4x) 10 squats @ 30lb. / push-ups / deadlifts at 50lb. / 20 jump lunges

FridayRest (Travel)

Saturday – ~25 minute run

Sunday – 5.5 mile park run + 1 hour hike


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