Loving Lately

Aside from the things I was lovin’ on this past weekend, here are few more things I have been loving this spring:


this spring veggie green curry recipe – I’ve made it three times in the past three weeks with three different people and it has been a hit each time. One of my health coaching clients also made and liked it, too!

coconut cashew maca granola – Holy wow! This is one of the best granola recipes I have ever made, and I’ve made a lot of granola recipes. I have been trying to add maca to recipes (i.e. Maca Hemp Energy Bites and Creamy Cashewmilk Steel Cut Oatmeal), and this mix had my name all over it. Props to Ashley for this simple yet decadently healthy recipe.

our Europe itinerary – I feel somewhat accomplished (excited + anxious!) having the bare bones of our route around Europe mapped out, but it still needs to be filled in with the details. This is where you come in with recommendations!

hot showers at night – Usually I am an AM shower girl, but since I’m now hitting the gym in the evenings most days, a hot shower and huge sweats is something I look forward to at the end of a long day.

farmer’s market strawberries – As in, I devour nearly three baskets in half of a week – every week.

fashion pins – I have yet to order a Stitch Fix box, but I’ve recently been favoring fashion pins (talking Pinterest lingo here). I need to work on a simplistic wardrobe for Europe. I am convinced my suitcase is too small!

my credit card – With only two months remaining before I turn twenty six(!), I finally bit the bullet and got my very first credit card. #adultlife #justintimeforEurope

plastic storage caps – My mason jar obsession is still going strong. I recently replaced the standard two-piece metal lids with these easy-to-wash and minimalist tops. I love white!

 What are you lovin’ this spring?


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