Pressed Juicery {Review}

by Hillary on April 23, 2014

It’s the newest fad in the healthy living world… freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices. And not just green juice, but all colors of the rainbow.

Last weekend, while looking for kombucha at Whole Foods, half of the refrigerated beverage section was stocked with colorful bottles of beet, celery, and kale juices; the other half was, not surprisingly, designated for probiotic refreshments.

Home juicing and store-bought juices have squeezed their way to the top of the “2014 Healthiest Fads” list. I personally haven’t had much experience with either (although, I’ve played with my mom’s 30-year-old juicer a time or two), so I reached out to Pressed Juicery to see if I could sample some of their popular presses.


It’s not just green juice that’s the it thing, but juice cleanses more specifically. I wasn’t interested in doing a 3-day cleanse, or even a 1-day cleanse for that matter, but Pressed offered to let me sample a variety of their products regardless.

PJ has some info about cleansing if that interests you >> How a Cleanse Works // Juice Cleanse Benefits

Q: What’s your opinion on juice cleanses?


Since I had made the decision before my shipment arrived that I would not be partaking in a juice-only cleanse, I was somewhat cautious of my juice supplementation as some of the beverages can be high in (natural) sugars. One of my food philosophies is “don’t drink your sugar.” With that in mind, I sampled the dozen juices in a relatively timely manner (as it is recommended the juices be consumed within 3 days of purchase).

I tried all of the juices, except for two. I never got around to Roots 4 or Coconut Cinnamon (despite its taste appeal).

Overall, my experience with Pressed was super! I enjoyed all of the juices (and waters) that I sampled. I certainly felt fantastic consuming all of those extra greens and micronutrients. I think the only critique I could make is that, as a consumer, it’s not easy to determine whether or not PJ uses organic produce. Of course, this would be a plus in my book.

Listed below are the juices I sampled, which are not inclusive of their full menu.







  • navel orange / tumeric / fuji apple / lemon >> UH-mazing! I only sampled 1/4 of the bottle due to its high sugar content; but, holy yum, it was without out a doubt a favorite.
  • kale / spinach / romaine / brazil nuts / vanilla bean / dates / sea salt >> FAVORITE! Drank in two 8 oz. servings.



  • greens 1 (2 bottles) >> Loved it! Very cucumber-y and refreshing. Easily drank both bottles.
  • greens 3 (2 bottles) >> Enjoyed the addition of the lemon and ginger kick; the apple increases the sugar content greatly so I split the bottles up into smaller sips.



  • roots 1 >> Earthy! Thumbs up.

“Four green leafy veggies provide high doses of vitamins and minerals, including calcium. Parsley, celery, and cucumber are powerful detoxifiers; and beets are anti-inflammatory and help with restoring optimal pH to your stomach for better digestion, higher immunity, and more.”

  • roots 4 >> Did not sample.



  • citrus 1 >> Spicy!

“A clean elixir that preps your digestive tract for optimal absorption and assimilation. A great juice to drink first thing in the morning!”


  • coconut cinnamon >> Did not sample. How delicious would this be in a smoothie… with dates and banana!?



  • cholorphyll h2o >> No distinctive taste; guzzled it anyway.

“Chlorophyll, the green substance found in marine plants, is one of the world’s most beneficial substances. Chlorophyll contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, as well as protein, and can increase the quality and quantity of red blood cells in the body. When red blood cell production is increased, we feel more energized!”

  • aloe h2o >> To me, aloe has a cucumber-like flavor.

“The same amazing substance that soothes burned skin also soothes our digestive tract. Aloe vera water is an excellent choice if you are looking to get your digestion back in flow.”



Have you done a juice cleanse? What was your experience like?

What freshly-pressed juice brands have you tried?

Do you juice at home?


Disclosure: Product was received in exchange for this review. As always, the honest opinions are entirely my own.


Dumbbell Chipper Workout

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Golly gee! It’s been forever since I’ve posted a Wednesday Workout. It’s due time that I share a new home-friendly, quick, metabolism-boosting workout… wouldn’t ya say?

This one should only take about 20 minutes, so feel free to tag it onto some cardio (hello, HIIT workouts!) or another strength set.

You only need a chair, a set of dumbbells, and a very small amount of space (suitable for apartments and dorm rooms).


<< pin me >>

What You’ll Need

  • 1 set of dumbbells, 8-15lb.
  • 1 chair, step, or plyo box



  • If you’re really ambitious, chip away at one more round!



 << Check out the Workouts Page for more dumbbell workouts! >>

Do you have a favorite “chipper” workout?



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