What’s in my gym bag?

by Hillary on September 2, 2014

Y’all probably know that I am now a home gym rat. Totally an oxymoron, but you’re catching what I’m throwing down? It has been two years since I said goodbye to the WREC, and I am still alive and well – amazing!

Coincidentally, I was approached to write this post while I am currently lusting over a few beautiful bags to serve as both a gym/activity bag and weekend tote.

If you were to open up my hypothetical gym bag, here’s what you would find (amongst a few other necessities, like shoes!)…


What’s in my gym bag?

>> Tampax® Pearl® Active™  - Having “your monthly visitor” is no excuse to skip your workout. In fact, exercise has been known to improve most symptoms of your period. Pushing out a few easy miles on the treadmill can make all the difference when I’m PMSing; so having a couple of Tampax® Pearl® Active™ tampons on hand keeps me prepared for activity all month long.

Pearl® Active™ tampons are Tampax®’s slimmest regular absorbency tampons. Plus with Best Pearl Protection, the Built-in Backup Braid™ and FormFit™ protection help stop leaks before they happen – now, no girl wants that during a group ex class.

>> Secure Headband - Who wants to mess with their hair when they’re HIITing the treadmill or gasping through a burpee challenge? I’m all about the headbands/hats these days, regardless if they’re flattering or not.

>> Extra Bobby Pins - Maybe this is from my dancer days, but bobbies can do wonders; plus, they can also make you look a little more put together when busting out back squats.

>> Supportive Sports Bra - I have a few favorites for sure, but no matter what sort of exercise I’m doing (minus yoga), high support for the girls is a must… I’ll pass on the uni-boob, too.

>> Colorful Crops - I am a sucker for fitness fashion (more so than day to day attire). The brighter and bolder the better; I think a fun (and comfortable) outfit can totally make for a better workout.

>> Motivational Tank - “Sun’s out, guns out.” I think the proper top is one of the most critical things for a mindless workout outfit. While I have my favorites in my drawer, a sloppy muscle tee with motivating script will sometimes do the trick.

>> Dry Socks - If you’re a true gym rat/runner, ugly feet are sort of inevitable; but, one secret is to change into a clean, dry pair socks immediately following your cool-down, or better yet, slip into a pair of flip-flops to air out those sweaty toes.

>> Power Playlists - Gangsta tunes are my favorite, but pop does it some days, too. While smart phone music apps are nice, simple technology still does the trick for me. If it’s got powerful beat, I’m movin’!

What’s in your gym bag?

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Disclosure: This #AwesomelyActive post was sponsored by Tampax® Pearl® Active™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR, all opinions are my own.


12 Green Pasta Recipes

by Hillary on August 27, 2014

Poor pasta… it gets a bad rap.

I looove a plate (or bowl) of pasta. It’s comfort; it’s carbs… and carbs are quick fuel.

I’ll admit, I didn’t grow up on traditional fettuccini alfredo or spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce. I’ve never been a huge heavy-on-the cheese fan either; so, when my kitchen/food fascination began (in my early teens), I gravitated towards fresh pasta dishes loaded with vegetables, light on the sauce – think Giada DeLaurentiis.


<< Light Lemon Zucchini Pasta is a summer go-to >>

When I crave pasta, I aim to “healthify” it in some way – even if it’s adding peas and fresh avocado to Annie’s gluten-free organic macaroni and cheese (trust me, it’s comfort on a spoon).

In my opinion, pasta does not require a “guilt” label in front of its recipe name. It can hold its own for being a healthful meal, when done right.

>> How To Healthify Pasta

  • Add lots of vegetables
  • Limit/skip the meat, or use lean cuts
  • Use whole wheat or gluten-free rice/quinoa pasta
  • Go light on the sauces
  • Sub avocado or miso-based sauces for cream and cheese
  • Sneak greens into your pesto (i.e. kale hemp & flax pesto)
  • Add toasted nuts for staying power
  • Turn zucchini into noodles for a low-carb option
  • Always add something green!

I used Foodie.com to collect a dozen green pasta recipes that showcase how pasta can, indeed, own nutritional power, please a crowd, and comfort your soul all seasons of the year.

From creamy vegan avocado pasta to gluten-free creations with lentils and lemon, these recipes highlight a plethora of ways that pasta can please any health nut’s appetite.

Check out 12 Green Pasta Recipes

by Hillary at Foodie.com


<< Creamy Greens & Coconut Linguini >>

recipe/photo source

What’s your favorite pasta recipe?

Do you like to healthify your pasta or do you stick to comfort/tradition?

* * *

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Foodie.com. As always, opinions are my own.


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