seeing green.

I am not a wee bit Irish. I don’t know why I felt it important to wear green today – I just really like this Abercrombie hoodie my roomie gave me – but I did feel it important to consume my greens today. I passed by the cruciferous cabbage for other green edibles at the market. I think my parents and I were seeing green by the end of dinner tonight.


spinach & arugula with pear, dried cherries, toasted walnuts, gorgonzola and dressing of Humboldt honey, balsamic and olive oil












pizza a la Alvarado Street’s California crust + local basil pesto, red potatoes [sliced and steamed], caramelized red onion, local chevre and white cheddar… topped with more arugula


I like making pizza for parents – simple and tasty with a touch of gourmet ;)

My Spring “Break” on the coast is coming to close, and surprisingly, I am eager to return inland to my humble abode…



Are you a fan of the traditional Irish holiday meal?

What are you favorite green edibles?


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  1. says

    I could eat a variation of the fruit/nut/cheese salad every day for the rest of my life. Always so fresh and satisfying!

    Recently I have been really enjoying artichokes! They are delicious on their own with a little mustard/mayo sauce, in salads and DEFINITELY on pizza!

  2. says

    Yesterday was full of school, work, and basketball, so I’m going to celebrate St. Patty’s Day today by wearing green (my KU shirt) and eating greens that are totally inspired by yours! Have a great weekend!

  3. Donna says

    WRONG, little missy, you are a bit Irish. Your GGG Grandmother Mary Magladery was born in NYC of Irish parents (McGladery and McKee). Mary married Robert Parker in San Leandro, gave birth to David Elmer. David Elmer begat David Henry, who begat David Jon.
    SO you were wearing green and eating green for a very good reason!

      • Donna says

        NO reason to be embarrassed… why would you want to remember this trivia about who begat who… (and you know it is my job to make sure that everyone is duly corrected.)

  4. says

    That salad looks awesome! I am not a fan of the traditional Irish holiday meal at all. I love spinach and kale, they are my greens of choice!

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