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It is quite clear that things are changing around NN on the Run… and they have been for a while. It’s evident via the archives that I’ve been posting less and less. My camera has gotten very little use since the start of 2011, and because I haven’t been capturing my morning oatmeal, baking recipes, and quick quinoa bowls, there has been more talk about running and life, and minimal mentions about food.

I never promised my blog would be a “what I eat daily dairy.” Though, I have made a few promises in the past that I would have reading material for y’all every day [old post!], or that you’d “be seeing more of me soon.”

I l-o-v-e blogging. Don’t think that because of my lack of posting that I don’t still run through my bookmarked Daily Blogs folder first thing ev-er-y single morning as I eat my steel cut oatmeal and first dose of nut butter… because I sure do!

I do not want this post to just be one epic excuse/apology for my blogging absence. I don’t think there’s anything to excuse myself from or apologize for, truth be told.

In the past 6 months or so, I have changed. Talking to my mom the other night, I realized that my blog is a reflection of the positive changes in my life. Though my blog has always been a place of personal freedom and a canvas to express the real me, it was also a reinforcement of my anal, uptight tendencies as I attempted to blog daily with “perfect” pictures, flawless format, and grade A grammar.

I guess you could say that although I blogged because I wanted to, doing so, nonetheless, added extra pressure on my already highly-stressed mind. I’ve done a lot of work on reducing worry, stress, and anxiety in my life recently, and I have worked equally as hard to substitute it with adventure, spontaneity and laughter.

Without beating around the bush any longer, I suppose I could say that the nights I used to stay up late editing blog posts a dozen times while simultaneously stressing about studying for a chemistry exam and reading about the exciting lives of virtual friends, are now late nights socializing with real friends… and yes, sometimes skimming recipes as I sip a cup of tea.

I hope I haven’t caused you to think that I’m a completely changed person. No, no no… I am still Mama Hill, the nutrition nut on the run. My fridge is still stocked with lentils, real butter, spinach, organic almond milk, chia and flax; I still find the time to bake when I come across a recipe like banana apple date bread; I still eat my weight in nuts and dark chocolate =/

Ultimately, I’d like to find the balance between blogging consistently while living the happy, satisfying, and successful life I dream of. I am only 21 years old young, however, and I’m not afraid to say that I don’t have life all figured out. Does anyone!?

Change is inevitable. NN on the Run can’t stay the same forever, just as my life, my body, and my thoughts are not the same with each new day. Rather than beating myself up for not making my blog the high-traffic, money-making, recipe encyclopedia that it could potentially be, I’m accepting it for what it is. Change = growth = strength… strength to accept, to believe, to carry on each and every day.


Have you witnessed positive change in your life recently?

If you blog, what inspires you to press publish regularly?


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  1. says

    I love this post — and your honesty is refreshing. I came to a point with blogging recently as well where I realized it was stressing me out more than it was helping me de-stress. That was certainly never the goal!

    Take some time to prioritize and do only things that make you smile. You’ll find a happy balance soon — and all of your readers will still be here!

  2. says

    What a great post! It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting everything to be just right, especially with blogging, where what you put out is a digital representation of yourself.

    Every time I’ve read a blogger apologize for not posting as much, my first thought is “don’t worry about it, I’m just glad you’re back!” Good for you for wanting to live your life and not just document it :)

    Also, just friended you on DailyMile. I’m trying to get back to tracking my running. It’s funny how sometimes it’s easy to be lazier about recording the run than actually running.

  3. says

    Hey, as much as fun internet can be, real life > virtual world. I follow your blog, but the changes you mention can in my opinion only be a good thing! Enjoy! ;)

  4. says

    Change is eventually inevitable and it sounds like yours are for the best! Forcing a post will only cause stress! :) I’m realizing this as a new blogger. But I’m trying to post for the heart, and keep my sanity.

  5. says

    I think this is what college and life are all about! Figuring out what is real, what works, what makes YOU happy. No one can find that out except for yourself…and that is what you are doing. I love that you don’t live to blog. Because there is so much more to life than that. Keep it real girl…we will all still be around :)

  6. Courtney says

    I’m proud to read this and proud of you!!! I see the changes and I’m miles away…it’s amazing and so awesome to watch — you blog when you feel like it — and enjoy life as much as possible! We are young, wild, and free hehe.

  7. says

    I am going through the very same thing. Life is supposed to be about changes, especially in college and the first few years out. All I can tell you is that I wish I enjoyed college more. I didn’t really get that idea until the end of my senior year. Enjoy your life in the present. The internet isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we.

  8. says

    Be easy on yourself. I tend to be to hard on myself and I can tell you are too. My mantra is “I already am a success.” It makes me look at my life as being an already overachieved one and it makes me feel happy everyday to know I’m going to wake up thinking I’m already a successful person because you know what? I AM! And you are too! You’re a success for having this blog, being in school, working hard and putting your BEST foot forward everyday! :)

  9. says

    Blogging is my space where I can just share my thoughts of the day. It can just be about anyyything! It feels good just to type some things out and I can go back to regular studying!

  10. says

    Starting my blog has been extremely beneficial to me because it connects me to like minded people and those who I can relate to because of our shared experiences and struggles.

    I did not blog during college and I can only imagine how hard it is to try to coordinate blogging often with all of the stresses and demands that comes with being a college student.

    I think you should just do what feels right for you and what allows you to stay healthy and happy. If readers have a problem with that, that’s is their problem. This is YOUR blog. :)

  11. says

    I love this post. I find myself staying up until midnight just to edit posts, catch up on blogs, and study, if I have time for it. I’m realizing that I really need to start prioritizing. Blogging is a hobby, and it shouldn’t come before the things that I really need to get done/appreciate in “real life.”

  12. says


    I appreciate posts like this more than the what-I-ate-for-every-meal posts. I love that you were able to express how much blogging means to you, but are able to understand that sometimes the real people in your life are more important.

    It is hard keeping the virtual world from taking over my real world. I’ve skipped going out with friends a couple of times to work on a post and not miss anything in the blogging world…it was after a few times that I realized that I was the one missing out in the long run.

    I can also see how blogging tends to enforce rigid tendencies. As bloggers, we see perfect meals, fast race times and gorgeous women. I think we all need to take a step back and realize we are all human.

    I think it’s wonderful to see the changes around your blog as you change and grow.

    Keep it up!

  13. Nicole says

    Don’t worry if you can’t post as much… we will still be here! I love your blog, but want what’s best for you.

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