carrots and cake: what life IS all about.

Do you know what I found on my doorstep yesterday afternoon!?

I’ll give you a huge hint:


I’ve waited eagerly for the day to come when I’d have a hardcopy of superstar blogger, Tina’s success story sitting on my bookshelf amongst the rows of recipe books and nutrition textbooks.


Isn’t it beautiful? You cant’ go wrong with the color orange ;)

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Confession: I read the entire book in less than <24 hours. It is a quick read, but if you know me well, you know this is unusual beyond belief (I’m not the bookworm that Jenna is).

Even though I read about Tina’s life daily on her blog, it was really neat to flip the pages of a published book about one of my blog buddies and biggest inspirations. I enjoyed learning details about Tina’s past, and now have a list of recipes to make from carrot cake oatmeal with wheat berries to brown sugar balsamic date pizza with caramelized onions, walnuts and feta. As Tina would say, “holy yum!”.

I have learned a lot from religiously reading Carrots ‘N’ Cake, the blog, as Tina exemplifies a balanced lifestyle. Not only has CNC made me laugh with silly pug pics, made me drool over healthified Cookie Friday recipes, and allowed me to sigh in relief from relatable posts about sugar struggles, but it has clarified what I want in life.

I want balance.

I want laugher.

I want to enjoy every Cookie Friday.

I want to assist others in attaining a healthy life.

I want my name published on the cover of a book.

Thanks, Tina! Here’s to you :)


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    What a nice post! It’s amazing how many bloggers are out there and many of them don’t even realize the impact that they have on us. You are one of those bloggers Hillary! You have some of the best recipes and advice of all time!

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    Thanks for stopping by the blog today!! Hope to hear from you again soon!

    This was SUCH a sweet post to read!! I’ve recently started following Carrots and Cake and plan to get a copy of her new book sometime soon too!!

    **I LOVE that t-shirt you are wearing BTW (the I Love Fruits & Veggies tee!!)

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    Woohoo I can’t wait to stop into Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy! She’s such an inspiring woman and I’m eager to see her humor and down-to-earth attitude in book form :)

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    That book has been popping up everywhere it seems! I guess I need to pick up a copy :) And I don’t know what “Cookie Friday” is but sign me up!

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    What a nice tribute to Tina! I swear everyone is blogging about it and I definitely need a copy. I love that you finished it in less than 24 hours because if it’s a good book, why put it down! =)


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