6 HIIT Treadmill Workouts

Morning! Happy Running Tuesday.

Now that it’s the 6th day of December, that means the November-long Holiday HIIT Challenge is officially over. I set the goal to add HIIT workouts to my exercise regimen 2-3x/week for the whole month of November. I wanted to spice up my gym routine with something new, and in all honesty, I wanted to avoid the winter weight gain with intense, fat-burning exercise… and get ripped!

If we’re DailyMile friends, you may have noticed I didn’t meet my goal of 8-12 HIIT workouts in November. In fact, just 6 of my workouts included HIIT (treadmill) workouts. #EPICFAIL

Though I’m not proud of my weak attempt, I decided not to be too hard on myself, allow my body to beat my cruddy cold, and focus on what I did and can do.

I didn’t incorporate enough HIIT workouts to see distinct physical changes, but here’s what I did discover from my mini trial run:

  • The workouts are quick ‘n’ dirty
  • You don’t run into dreadmill boredom
  • You’ll find your inner speed demon
  • Increased speed/intensity = knee pain
  • Increased hunger – hello, metabolism!

If you want to HIIT in hard this holiday season, give one or all of these sweaty treadmill runs a try.

6 HIIT Treadmill Workouts


How are you sweating out the holiday sugar today?

See ya!



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  1. says

    A HIIT workout sounds like a sweatastic time, ha! I really should try it myself – I’m getting bored of the usual treadmill/elliptical/bike routine…

  2. Shireen says

    I just came across this post looking for some treadmill HIIT workouts, & I’d love to try some of yours out, but I don’t understand the breakdown of each workout. The ‘//’ ‘@’ and the ‘repeats’ are confusing me. I’m sure it’s just me! Would you mind helping me to better understand? Thank you!

    • Hillary says


      Workout 1: You would run for 1 minute @ 7.2mph, followed by 1 minute @ 8.2mph and then repeat before moving onto the next set. I just use the slashes to show different speeds and/or inclines.

      Let me know if you give any of the runs a try :)

  3. Caleb Wechsler says

    Great article…

    Was wondering about the intervals though… You go from an 8.2 mph run to a 7.4mph jog… This interval seems very close together?

    Mine is as follows, but I want to know if my intervals are too far apart?
    30 min:
    1 min walk: 3.8mph (5% grade)
    1 min jog: 7.5mph (5% grade)
    1 min run: 10mph (5% grade)

    I do this 10x.

    Tell me your thoughts as I’ve been looking for a solid answer for a good HIIT treadmill routine :)

  4. Hillary Staley says

    Hi! Quick question…for each of the 6 HIIT workouts, how long do you suggest doing each workout before moving onto the next HIIT workout? In other words, how many days/times do you recommend doing HIIT workout #1 before moving on to HIIT workout #2?

    Thank you!!

    • Hillary says

      Hi Hillary (nice name!),

      The 6 HIIT workouts are in no particular order. In other words they aren’t listed easiest to hardest, or shortest to longest. I would suggest doing HIIT 2-3x/week for optimal results.

    • Hillary says

      Yes, that’s correct. Perhaps I should have just labeled them interval workouts. Nonetheless, intervals & HIIT are both excellent fat burners.

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