mise en place.


Merry Christmas Eve Eve. I’ve got a lot going on today – mainly preparing for tomorrow’s dinner that I’m hosting. Time to mise en place (French for “put in place”) the menu, table, and any/all last-minute touches for Sunday morning. Even still, I had a little time for exercise + oatmeal.

I hopped on the ‘mill within minutes of getting outta bed:

I finished up with ~10 minutes of {no-equipment} fitness inspired by Wednesday’s workout.

Oats + Iced Coffee

Natural light much? Haha.

2% milk + water, steel cut oats, banana, FLAX, raisins, cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger, creamy PB — why mess with a good thing?


What did you think of yesterday’s recipes? You like?

Time to get BUSY! If only I had the help of Santa’s elves.

Happy Friday,



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  1. says

    The recipes are both great. The chocolate bark looks so simple and so delicious. It makes such a cute gift too. Good luck with your dinner! That will be a ton of fun to do!

  2. says

    Rockin’ run this morning! Your oatmeal mug looks amazing…I had banana oats this morning with cottage cheese, but I think they definitely could have used some peanut butter. Note to self: add tomorrow.

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