merry + bright.

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved decorating our home for the holidays.

This year wasn’t any different.

I set the table with a rustic, edible arrangement a la

mason jars, raffia, fresh cranberries + sweetened coconut.

I added a few Christmas tree clippings,

some small ornaments, and a sprinkle of sparkly glitter.










I realize Christmas 2011 is over, but I can’t get myself to pack up the the handmade stockings and red + green cheer quite yet.

Are you sad Christmas is over, or are you ready + excited for the new year?

By the way, I highly recommend the chocolate hazelnut almond coconut tart I made for Christmas Eve dinner. This gluten-free dessert was quite a hit!


Blast From the Past: A Christmas Story {December 2009}

I need to put away the product of a new recipe!

See ya!



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  1. Jamie @ Don't Forget the Cinnamon says

    I always used to love decorating the house with my mom, but since going awayto college, I’ve been missing out. My mom always does it without me and by the time I get home, there isn’t an inch left of house to decorate!

  2. says

    Your house and table setting looks beautiful! I haven’t put any decorations away yet either, although I should since I don’t have to work this week and won’t have any motivation next week after a long day at work…

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