friday buzz.

Good morning (or good afternoon)!

I just finished my morning colonic — a.k.a. iced coffee — (TMI?) and am feeling the buzz!


No runs to ramble about or oaty recipes to share this morning, but I’ve stumbled across some new-to-me healthy living websites + articles lately that I wanted to pass on…

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My #makeitcount training plan is featured today!

  • I discovered another site, Greatist, and read a couple great articles about chia + ginger
  • I started looking at flights to Vancouver and counting the pennies in my piggy bank after learning about the SeaWheeze (Lululemon half-marathon) in August. #dreamrace


Happy Friday!



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  1. Diana says

    A Lululemon half? I’m so there – particularly because it’s in Vancouver, where I live :) Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Kari says

    In addition to the new websites you recommended, you should check out this website:

    I find it provides a fresh, bold persepctive on food that tailors to various lifestyles in the kitchen! And I love the website design…easy and fun to look at! :)

  3. says

    Seriously I almost booked a flight 2 days ago to Vancouver in August because I want to run this race sooooooo badly!! ummmm we should DO IT!! because Lulu shopping sprees don’t empty my bank account enough as it is!! :)

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