4-3-2-1 Treadmill Workout

Happy Running Tuesday! Wow, I feel like I haven’t said that in a while. As I think I’ve alluded to here and there, my distance running pastime has seen better days. I’m okay with it though. I know we’ll reunite again, and probably sooner than later. I have a couple of races stirring on the back burner, and my Asics do come out of the closet on the regular, so “on the run” is still as true as ever. 

I started out the week’s workouts strong yesterday with a fun 20-minute treadmill workout… before going to CrossFit for a long MetCon WOD ;) #crossfitlingo


I had the treadmill at a 0.5 incline for the entire workout. I covered 2.65 miles in 20 minutes. #sweatdirty

Challenge yourself! Increase the incline, or if you dare… do THREE sets! 

And because we’re on the subject of running, or a lack thereof, I thought I’d share what HILLontherun fitness looks like these days. 

Week of 10/15:

M – CrossFit + 20 min. TM

T – CrossFit

W – CrossFit + 25 min. TM

Th – Rest Day

F – 40 min. TM

Sa – CrossFit 

Su – Rest Day

Week of 10/22:

M – CrossFit + 30 min. TM

T – CrossFit

W – Rest Day

Th – CrossFit 

F – random 2 hr. workout at the WREC, including 2 miles running 

Sa – CrossFit

Su – 45 min. TM + abs (planks, sit-ups, etc.)

Are you running today?

Catch ya later! 


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