Maple Olive Oil Granola

Nothing beats homemade granola. Nothing.

I haven’t made a batch of crispy oats in a while, but a rainy winter Saturday was the perfect time to do so. 

This batch included some of my granola favorites like pecans and pepitas, but I went out on a limb by using Omega-3-rich olive oil. 

Oh, and the Trader Joe’s roasted coconut chips… those totally put this recipe over the top! 

With two full Ball jars of fresh granola in my cupboard, I don’t see my CrossFit craving going anywhere soon. 



Check out my Recipage for the full recipe


Nutrition Nut granola recipes of the past {all vegan & gluten-free}:

Happy Sunday :)

P.S. I updated my About Me page – finally! 


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  1. says

    Love the addition of olive oil! I usually stick to flavorless canola or vegetable when making granola, but I think next time I may change things up! Thanks :)

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