Oh, Monday.


Oh, Monday.

I could complain about you arriving so soon,

but rather,

I’ll look at the bright side; 

I’ll make it a Positive Monday

by remembering what I’m grateful for.

Today I’m grateful for 

being able to go for a 2-mile jog/walk in the beautiful weather yesterday (with minimal pain)

and giving my car a well-overdue bath in said sunshine.

Today I’m grateful for

the ability to nourish my body with healthy, wholesome food,

dark chocolate {gluten-free} brownies,

and tea, tea, and more tea.

Today I am grateful for 

clean sheets and peach candles,

and that I have the privilege to go to work today and earn a paycheck.

Today I’m grateful it’s Monday. 


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  1. says

    Hillary! Your brownies look soooooooo good :) Were they!? I don’t have any chocolate in my house either. Hopefully that changes asap and I can try those brownies :) Love your positive post!

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