Eating healthy is…

Working in the worksite wellness industry, one of our tasks is to teach “our people” that eating healthy is, and should be, delicious. You can whisk this fact around until your beater dies and the fact will not even touch their tastebuds.

The word healthy is stale, overused and underrated. Healthy’s negative connotation has increased with the amount of pesticides put in our produce. Connecting the idea to others that healthy is more delicious, and more satisfying, is a challenge for me. It’s all I have ever known.

I can’t imagine a lifestyle where the focus of my food – my fuel – wasn’t the nutrients that support my body. That is not to say I ignore flavor. For me, they are not two separate entities, but symbiotic for ultimate satisfaction.

Eating healthy is… 

 IMG 1152

– pesto veggie pizza with a sprouted whole grain crust –

IMG 1155

– bite me – 

IMG 1165

raw kale & Brussels sprouts salad

IMG 1161

– superfood-stuffed {quinoa / kale / sweet potato} bell peppers – 

IMG 1135

– kale / black beans / avocado / feta / raw sunflower seeds –

IMG 1140

– farmer’s market greens / avocado / dried cherries / toasted walnuts / balsamic –

IMG 1142

– organic berry, spinach & chia seed smoothies –

IMG 1145

– hearty steel cut oatmeal with dried apricots, almond butter & flax –

As stated in my philosophy, “eating healthy is a pleasure for me, not a chore.” Food and chore don’t belong in the same sentence.

Effort is another thing. Adding effort to any equation always equals increased energy… and who doesn’t want to be energized!? Yet, somehow, this message has been buried in the landfill of convenience cartons littering Mother Earth and littering our bodies. 

So, here I am… a rabbit food-loving girl in a fast food nation, trying to make the world a healthier place one bowl of oatmeal at a time.

* * *

What is healthy eating to you?

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    • Hillary says

      Shhh, I totally cheated! I was planning to make the recipe from my weekly meal plan, but then I found a new frozen product at Trader Joe’s called Superfood Pilaf (quinoa, kale, sweet taters and carrots). I grated a bit of pecorino romano cheese on top for flavor.

  1. says

    All of these recipes are great examples of eating healthy to me! I think unprocessed, whole foods that you can get directly from the earth is what defines healthy eating to me. And I think healthy food tastes incredible. I am guilty of giving to convenience occasionally though. :)

  2. says

    I love this! I’m a wellness counselor at the student health center where I go to school and I work with clients each week on this same thing. We talk about intuitive eating and giving our body what it wants and needs…not counting calories. I love it when people catch on and recognize how wonderful food can be!

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