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Good mooorning. Happy Monday to ya!

How about a giveaway to start off the week?

Y’all know I am nuts about nuts. I am also a fan of conscious snacking during the day. Kind Fruit & Nut Bars have been a favorite of mine for some time. I like to KIS (keep it simple) with my eats, so their short ingredient lists are just my style. The bars are gluten-free, too, with the base being heart-healthy, protein-packed nuts.

Not too long ago, I discovered their new line of low-sugar Nuts & Spices Bars. I am continually trying to reduce my sugar intake wherever I can, so I was anxious to give these guys a try. The new bars only contain 4 or 5 grams of sugar each, compared to some of their other varieties that have 12 grams.


Paige hooked me up with a generous sampling. I was hoping I could pick a favorite (or two), but it is impossible. I enjoyed all five flavors — the salty hint on the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, the spicy aftertaste of the Dark Chocolate Chili Almond, and the ginger kick in the Cashew & Ginger Spice.

I adore the almonds and pecans in the bars, but could skip the peanuts.

At 200 calories each, these bars give you a substantial amount of energy while being kind to your waistline; they are free from the processed, refined crap (sugars and oils) you find in many snack bars on the market. The spices and dark chocolate give a sense of indulgence and pleasure, so they can also act as a healthy dessert option – nom nom.

Crumble over Greek yogurt? Match made in heaven. I am nuts about these bars. That is all.





Kind Nuts & Spices Giveaway

One reader will win FOUR boxes of Kind Nuts & Spices bars. 

Please leave a separate comment for each way of entry.

1. Tell me which flavor of the Nuts & Spices bars are you most excited about.

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Open to U.S. residents only.

Giveaway closes Thursday, January 23 @ 9:00pm PST.

& the winner is…

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  1. Heather says

    I would be excited to try the maple glazed pecan and sea salt. I haven’t seen that one around me and it sounds delicious!

  2. Faith says

    I have been loving kind bars too! I always pick up the box at Sams club and spend 5 Minutes debating if I should spend 20 bucks on them… And I usually put them back on the shelf. I’m most excited that I could have a huge stash!

  3. anne f says

    i am a cinnamon addict, so i’d have to say i’m most excited to try the dark chocolate cinnamon pecan! (dark choco sea salt at a close second :) )

  4. Cody says

    I’m pretty sure I’ll love the dark chocolate with sea salt, but I am most interested to try the cashew ginger.

  5. Lauren says

    OH THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! I always want to try all of these, but my student-sized wallet doesn’t really support my love for prepared bars. Maple glazed pecan sounds divine!

  6. Whitney Lawson says

    I liked you on Facebook and I have been following Kind for some time!! I love the dark chocolate and sea salt — there is no better combo than salty and sweet!! Also, I started following you on Instagram!

  7. Steph says

    Dark Chocolate Nut and Sea Salt sounds AMAZING! <– That's the one I'm most excited about, but they all sound delectable!

  8. Angie Jerde says

    They all sound delish, but I am a sucker for dark chocolate, so either Dark Choc. Nuts and Sea Salt or Dark Choc. Cinnamon Pecan. YUM!

  9. Jeffrey says

    The Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt sounds delicious! It’s awesome how little sugar they contain. The Dark Chocolate Chili Almond sounds interesting also, I love sweet with heat!

  10. Jenna says

    I just started eating “gluten-free”, so the fact that these Kind bars are gluten free is so exciting! Any of the flavors with chocolate sound fabulous!

  11. Jayne says

    Hmmm, I think they all sound amazing! But the flavor I’m most curious about is the cashew and ginger spice, just because of the combo! But I love anything pecan, so I think those will probably be my favorites…I’m nuts about nuts also! ;)

  12. Eva says

    I’m most interested in the dark chocolate sea salt bar! Love another way to have chocolate as a dessert. I’m also already following you on Instagram.

  13. says

    Most intrigued by the dark chocolate chili almond, but most excited for the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt! Can never go wrong with that combo!!

  14. says

    I just had the peanut butter chocolate protein KIND bar as a snack on Sunday to get me through a hellacious day at work and it was delicious. I love that they’re introducing new flavors with reduced sugar! They all sounds delicious, but I’d be all over the dark chocolate and sea salt. Nom!

  15. Amy L says

    I’d like to try the Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan. I LOVE Kind Bars. I always have a couple of them in my desk drawer at work, and I carry one in my purse.

  16. sue says

    i just recently tried Kind granola at my friend’s and was blown away by how tasty it was! and i love that the ingredients are wholesome and good for you! and since i love maple flavored anything, i would love to try the maple glazed pecan one! though all the other flavors sound lovely…

  17. Jill Holmes says

    I would pick in the one picture above, the Dark Chocolate Chili Almond. I can’t find that one near me. But if I had to chose from the other picture, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt.

  18. Tina mickelson says

    Oh yum! Dark chocolate cinnamon pecan please! What a great giveaway! I love the reduced sugar content and amazing flavor combos!

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