400 Reps for Time Workout

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Who’s workin’ it out this Workout Wednesday? Last week, I took a short home workout hiatus, as I had a free week pass to a gym in town. It was refreshing to switch things up — catch up with the treadmill (how I missed thee!) and play with equipment that I do not have in my possession.

Since I haven’t made a firm decision about joining a gym quite yet, it’s back to the living room sweat seshs and (sunny) outdoor runs.

Today’s new workout is inspired by the Dirty 30 Workout. I wanted a challenge with both cardio and strength… this did that for sure! My heart was beating hard.

Side Note: When chatting with The Boy about this workout, he asked what I titled it (knowing that it would go up on the blog). His idea, “The Frisky Forty”, was 10x more creative — playing off of the eminent Dirty 30 and Filthy 50 workouts.


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What You’ll Need

  • 1 set of dumbbells — I used 10lb.
  • 1 kettlebell — I used 25lb.


If you have questions regarding any of the exercises, please ask.


  • Often times, dumbbells and kettlebells can be interchangeable, i.e. you could use a light kettlebell for the turkish get-ups and a heavy dumbbell for the sumo squats.
  • I did not perform the exercises in the order listed above. I recommend alternating weighted exercises with bodyweight exercises. You choose the order, just get it done! 
  • Remember: You can always take my home workouts to a gym if you don’t have the required equipment.
  • weighted lunges: hold one dumbbell in each hand; alternate legs
  • deadlifts & turkish get-ups: alternate sides every 10 reps
  • push-ups may be performed on knees

* * *

Have you tried the 600 Rep Workout?


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  1. says

    This looks amazing. I’m always looking for new things to try so that I don’t get bored in the gym. I’m definitely going to give this one a try! Thanks for posting!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness! I just did this workout and my legs are shaking! I was only able to do 30 of each, but wow, what a workout. I hope I can roll out of bed in the morning.


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