Saturday vs. Sunday {& Weekly Workouts}

Yesterday was a fabulous day.

Today sucks (says Negative Nancy).


(+) productive early morning

(+) quick outdoor workout

(+) weather: sunny and 75F

(+) bubble gum pink pedicure with girlfriends

(+) lunch al fresco with girlfriends

(+) successful shopping: Lucky sandals, swim suit, adorable picture frame (for Instagram photos)

(+) finish IIN module for the week


(+) run in the park with Grace

(+) delicious homemade juice made by Grace

(-) embarrassing recipe flop: I had high hopes for the Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Coconut Carrot Pancakes; yet, somewhere, something went askew because the dense, oily cakes weren’t what I had intended to serve Grace for breakfast.

(-) fight with the bathroom scale – ugh!

(-) splatter soy sauce on my favorite Lulu top

(-) cut the same knuckle of my pre-injured thumb


apple / beet / carrot / orange / kale / ginger

Workouts | Week of January 20

Monday – 1.1 mile run + 400 Rep 4 Time Workout

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – 2.5 mi. run + 50 step-ups/lunges/jump squats/v-ups/glute bridges/tricep push-up w. glute kick

Thursday – Dorm Room Dumbbell Workout (sub spiderman plank jacks for burpees) + 60 kettlebell swings

easy, light 25 min. early AM workout (busy day)

Friday – 3.3 mi. run

Saturday – Dirty 30 Workout + 600 single unders (jump rope)

ridiculously sore today (Sunday) from this dirty (literally) workout; legs are toast!

Sunday – 4.3 mi. run

so thankful for pain-free runs!

It was another pretty solid week of exercise over here — a fairly equal mix of cardio and strength, with a mix of intensities as well. I’m very happy that I ran approximately 11 miles pain-free (hey, it’s progress!).

* * *

How do you get over rotten days?

What’s on tap for fitness next week?


  1. says

    I always try to focus on something positive. I hate the scale also, which is why I tend to stay away from it. When it’s up, I know why.

    Looking forward to getting back into my routine this week after being snowed in last week. Lots of spinning, circuits, and some running :)

  2. says

    My rotten days were in reverse order! My husband and I went to the gym for a workout and we BOTH had really crappy days: We both couldn’t lift as heavy as we could and cardio was a struggle to commit to. The only half decent portion was the stretching.

    It sounds weird, but because we were so surprised that both of us had a crappy day, we didn’t end up dwelling on it. In fact, we laughed about it and told ourselves a crappy workout is still a workout!

  3. says

    Whenever I have a rotten day, working out ALWAYS helps. Even if I have a bad workout in the morning (or not as good as I had hoped), I will workout AGAIN later that night, even if it’s just stretching and/or yoga. Sleep always helps me, too! And working out ensures that I will sleep better that night.

    This week is cycling, yoga, Body Pump, and then off to Florida for a vacation! I can’t wait to run outside down there and get out of this blistering Wisconsin cold!

  4. says

    Congrats on the 11 miles pain free!! I completely understand Negative Nancy days… even if there are good parts, it’s hard to see the silver-lining, hopefully today was a better day and a good Monday!

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