Gluten-Free V-Day Sweet Treats

Happy Friday!

Just two weeks until Valentine’s Day, friends. Therefore, I’m going to tantalize your tastebuds with sweet treats today.

This blog is about balance: one day I may post a booty burner Tabata workout; the next, I may talk about breaking up with the scale; then I might post a decadent dessert recipe, followed by Paleo salmon cakes. #sweatdailyindulgeoften


Every day should be Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, because a) you should remind those who you love daily, and b) you should consume dark chocolate daily (it’s healthy you know!).

The reality isn’t so, which is why the Hallmark holiday revolving around roses and heart-shaped boxes of cheap commercial chocolates comes around one day in the middle of February. Ironically, it’s not long after the hype of healthful, detox recipes for the new year that Pinterest is bombarded with decadent treats to make for your valentine.

So long kale salad, hello flourless chocolate cake (with avocado and banana puree)!

While my last post was about how I changed my metabolism (including reducing sugar and refined grains), I believe in indulging and enjoying food. With that said loud and clear, I used Foodie to collect a dozen roses recipes I would make for the valentines in my life.

The recipes are all gluten-free, and most include chocolate for obvious reasons.

Are you making a special sweet treat for Valentine’s Day?

Gluten-Free Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins are definitely February 14th breakfast material if you ask me!

* * *

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