Biking, Hiking & A Burpee Challenge {Weekly Workouts}

The week started with a dose of indoor cycling on my trainer (Tuesday’s workout was solid), followed by a weak workout on Wednesday. My legs felt like lead on the bike, so Thursday I took a needed rest day (and made some awesome kale pesto instead).

Friday’s full-body workout was also a winner.

Saturday, I squeezed in an early AM workout before hitting the road to hang out with The Boy. We ended up going for light hike in the afternoon at Mt. Diablo, enjoying the cloudless blue skies.

Overall, this week’s workouts were fairly moderate. Gotta turn it up a notch next week!

Workouts | Week of January 27

Monday – 45 min. cycle

Tuesday – 4 min. tabata warm-up + 400 Reps 4 Time Workout (~33 min.) + 30 min. cycle

awesome sweaty workout!

Wednesday – 30 min. cycle + a couple bodyweight/dumbbell sets

fatigued body; poor workout

Thursday – Rest Day 

Friday – 25 min. run + burpee challenge + tabata planks + ab pyramid (10-15-20-25-30-30-25-20-15-10 reps)


sporting one of my beloved Bang Busters

Saturday – Dorm Room Dumbbell Workout + 45 min. hike



poor California needs rain!

Sunday – Rest Day 

* * *

I spotted these Hilary’s Eat Well Hemp & Greens veggie burgers this week at my local co-op; naturally, I had to buy them. I am a fan — they are not loaded with flavor, but the crunchy millet and hemp give them tremendous texture. Two thumbs up.


See y’all next week!

Sweat daily, indulge often.


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