The Marathon Bra & My Running Essentials

Remember when I used to write Running Tuesday posts? That was when I ran more than 10 miles per week; but, now that my knee is feeling one hundred times better, hopefully there will be more running chatter around here this year.

While my workout wear changes with the seasons (and with the type of workout), I have a few essential items that I must use for running year round — rain or shine.


My Running Essentials >>

1. Champion Marathon Bra

I’ve been a Champion sports bra fan for a long time. I just recently purchased two more Powerback Sports Bras — they are my absolute favorite. Especially for those that are a bit bustier like myself, I think investing in quality sports bras is a must. I have also heard the saying “never let your sports bra see a birthday”, meaning if you’re an athlete/runner that gives them a lot of wear and tear, it is important to buy new undergarments regularly.

Champion sent my their newest number, the Marathon Bra, to review. While I don’t have running 26.2 miles on my calendar in the immediate future (some day!), more running is on tap as my knee is feeling fresh.

I took my new bra out for a 3 mile test run as soon as it arrived. I was sent a size medium in black, just FYI. Even considering it claims to have Max Support, I was skeptical that its style would hold up to my standards. However, I was highly impressed. It is extremely comfortable. Features I especially love are the thin, adjustable racerback straps (to hide under tanks) and the soft, supportive brushed bottom band.

My only dislike is that it doesn’t separate like the Powerback does; nonetheless, I know this number will be a good friend for long runs and burpee marathons.


2. Patella Support Strap

I’ve tried a few braces for my knee over the course of my injury, but I haven’t found the relief I was shopping for until I bought a patella support strap. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I am a believer. I know that rest has helped it to heal, but I do not want to try running (or jumping) without it for now.

3. Lululemon Bang Buster 

Have you heard me rave enough about my new headwear already!? For a girl with a mane, I always need some sort of accessory to keep my head of hair out of sight, out of mind while exercising. For a while, I couldn’t run without a hat… not until I discovered Lulu headwear. I have a couple other styles that also get tons of use; they all stay in place and are a no-fuss, functional piece to add to your active wear.

4. The GRID 

It hurts so good! If you do not have a foam roller, I would recommend investing in a high-quality roller such as The GRID. “It features a 3-dimensional surface whereas traditional foam rollers have a flat surface and prohibit blood flow at the point of pressure.” I’d like to think the addition of foam rolling has aided in my injury recovery; although, I should dedicate more time to rockin’ and rollin’.

5. Nike+ SportWatch

I got the SportWatch from Santa a couple of years ago. Its simple design and features are what attracted me to to it the most. It doesn’t always sync up with the GPS signals as quickly as I’d hope, but besides that, I think it is a super piece of technology. The best part are the the fun messages it displays, like “Are we running today?”

6. Asics Running Shoes

Asics and I go way way back to the starting line of my running days. While I like my cute Frees for style, I understand the importance of wearing running shoes that fit the anatomy of your feet. Function over fashion. If I am running anything over 2 miles, I will slip into my Asics. I’ve worn several pairs of the 2100 series, but am currently sporting the less fashionable GEL-Evolution 6… with the addition of Superfeet insoles.


What are your running essentials?

Do you have a favorite sports bra, pair of running shorts, etc.?


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Disclosure: Champion sent me the Marathon Bra to review. All other products were purchased myself and are not affiliate links. As always, opinions are my own. 


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  1. says

    So, I’m definitely intrigued by this sports bra. The ones I have right now don’t give me the support I need. I really want to invest in a better bra, so I’ll definitely look into this one. Thanks so much for the review!

  2. says

    Weird, I was JUST writing a post of my must-have running gear. I run in the ASICS GT 2100s, too. I took a brief hiatus, but I’m pretty excited to be back to my favs :)

  3. says

    I love that Marathon Bra!! My sister and I are each buying one – thanks for the suggestion!

    My running essentials are:
    – My leggings – they have to be tight enough and come high enough on my waist so I’m not tugging and pulling through the run
    – My Nike watch – I have the same one as you and LOVE it!
    – My socks – need sweat-repelling ones – no one likes huge blisters! Ouch!
    – My music – keeps me going and motivated through the whole race!

  4. Misty says

    I really like Old Navy’s activewear. Their sports bras are very comfy and have thin foam inserts to offer a little more coverage in case you are running on a chilly day! ;) I love New Balance running shoes! They are super comfortable, decrease my knee pain and fit what I call my “fatty toe”! I have a slight bunion on one foot so New Balance shoes give the support I need for running.

  5. says

    I have the same Nike watch and LOVE it. Ran for many years in Asics Nimbus. Didn’t like the 14 so switched to Brooks. Liked them at first but then have not been great to my achilles tendon… so not sure. Got a Nike running top that I love. What about socks? Any that you prefer? I have switched back to cotton rather than synthetic because they would rub & tear up the inside of my shoes!

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