Weekly Workouts & Winter Weekend Cookin’

A single visit this week, that was it. Next week oughta be better… a giveaway is coming your way!

At last Sunday’s weekly workout check-in, I believe I said I needed to “turn it up a notch.” Well… it was another two rest days kind of a week again. On the bright side, the five workouts I did complete were all decent — 290 burpees this week ain’t terrible.

I really enjoyed finishing this week with a yoga sequence with Karena from Tone It Up; I hope to incorporate the like into my fitness regime regularly.

Workouts | Week of February 3

Monday – 3 mile run + 60 burpees + Autumn Arms & Abs Workout (3 rounds) + 4 min. plank tabata

Tuesday20-minute Tabata Kettlebell Workout + 5 bodyweight tabatas + 50 burpees

stay tuned for a new Wednesday workout! I was super sore the following day. 

WednesdayRest Day

Thursday – 30 min. cycle + Burpee Arm Burner + 2 tabatas

FridayRest Day

Saturday – 20 min. cycle + Dorm Room Dumbbell Workout + 30 extra burpees

Sunday – 20 min. cycle + Burpee Challenge (squats @ 25#) + Love Your Body with Yoga (TIU routine)




This weekend was ALL rain. Good – Cali needs the agua – but this Humboldt raised girl sort of forgot what one does with rainy weather. How about cook/meal plan!?

This weekend in my kitchen >>

recipes are all gluten-free


unsweetened almond milk / avocado / banana / mango / kale / spinach

* * *

How did you sweat this wintery weekend?


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  1. says

    I’m loving the Tone It Up videos! I just started doing them 2 weeks ago. I’m trying to do their different videos 2x/week. I’d love to do their yoga one on Sundays, since I’m most likely going to quit my gym membership. I’m working out too much at home & not using the gym!

    I loveeeddd the rain last weekend. I hope it’ll keep it up!

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