Forte {High Protein} Gelato GIVEAWAY

Move over Tuesday Tidbits, we’ve got some gelato in the house. Well, technically, half of the sample I was sent has already been devoured, but that’s beyond the point. I had to sample all of the flavors before I could write an honest review post anyway.


You all know ice cream is my weakness, right? This kale, kombucha, and chia seed-loving girl can admittingly polish off a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with ease. I don’t only crave creamy, cold ice cream in the hot summer months either; hello holiday Peppermint Bark!

The folks at Forte Gelato caught word of my obsession with creamy frozen desserts (and my knack for nutrition); they offered to send me a taste of their high-protein, low-fat gelato — say whhaaat!?

As I said above, I’ve nearly plowed through half of the dozen samples sent to me last Wednesday… do the math ;)

I found in coincidental that their four flavors are my favorite flavors: espresso, chocolate, ginger, and vanilla. I am a simple girl when it comes to my gelato/ice cream. I swear they made this product just for me.

I was definitely interested in the stellar nutritional profile — 15 grams of protein in 4 ounces is rather impressive! And while I was a tad apprehensive that the agave would add an obnoxious amount of sweetness, it surprisingly doesn’t do so. I guess this has to do with the simple, not-too-sweet flavor choices like espresso and ginger.


While nutrition stats have their importance, I was most curious in the ingredient lists. That is where I always look first when scoping out a new product.

“Quality ingredients like rBST-free skim milk and cream, rBST-free milk proteins, organic agave nectar and cage-free egg yolks make each perfectly portioned treat as wholesome as it is decadent.” (source)

My square Italian gelato spoons give Forte Gelato a stamp lick of approval.





Forte High Protein Gelato GIVEAWAY

One reader will win a mixed 12-pack of gelato.

Please leave a separate comment for each way of entry.

1. Tell me your favorite flavor, brand, or way to eat ice cream/gelato… please don’t tell me you like sorbet.

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 Giveaway closes Thursday, February 13 @ 9:00pm PST.


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Product was sent to me for review.

As always, opinions are entirely my own. 

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  1. Leah says

    Froyo is my jam! And to be honest, testing all of the froyo flavors is the best part! Love peanut butter, cookies and cream, and snickerdoodle!

  2. Justeen says

    My favorite ice cream is from Salt & Straw in Portland, OR – they have the most creative flavors. The sea salt ice cream with caramel ribbon is the best!

  3. Lauren says

    Does “on a spoon straight from the container” count as a favorite way to eat ice cream? Because that’s how I do it. I love coffee ice cream/gelato, so I’d be so excited to try this!

  4. Katie says

    Those look so good! I am simple when it comes to ice cream and frozen yogurt as well. My favorites right now are the Ben and Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt.

  5. Christina says

    My favorite of all time was a cannoli-flavored gelato I had in Italy. Otherwise, anything with funky spices and chocolate!

  6. Annie B says

    Whoa, dang this stuff sounds good! My favorite way to eat gelato is getting the real deal in Italy! Nothing can top it!

  7. says

    Ice cream, too, is my weakness. My favorite ice cream brand is Jeni’s based in nearby Colubmus, OH. They have the creamiest ice cream and make all their mix-ins on site. Browned Butter Almond Brittle is my favorite. YUM.

  8. Cody says

    There’s a gelato shop near my house called bulgarini gelato, it’s soo good. I like to mix one scoop of chocolate with one other flavor so I can try new flavors but still have my favorite!

  9. Stef Traynor says

    Talenti Gelato is my absolute favorite! The chocolate peanut butter is to die for topped with warmed berries :)

  10. Krysten says

    My favorite flavor is moose tracks. There’s an ice cream place near my house that serves it and it’s delicious! Other than that, for a favorite brand… I’m not too picky. Ben & Jerry’s is always amazing.

  11. says

    chocolate chocolate chocolate. That’s basically all I need for some good ice cream. Although, I don’t really care for most standard frozen ice cream. The only time I really get into ice cream is when I get it from a yummy ice cream shop mmmm :-)

  12. Nicole F. says

    There is an old-fashioned, true Italian gelato place a few towns over from where I live and I am obsessed with Bacci: dark chocolate gelato with dark chocolate pieces and hazelnuts. Essentially Nutella, but better :) Great giveaway!

  13. Ashley W. says

    Eating gelato all over Italy while I was studying abroad: fragola gelato with the white cream on top from Giolitti, one of the best!

  14. Fiona says

    OMG this is a giveaway for meee!!! Ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt is my JAM. I swear the only thing my husband and I have in common is our love of ice cream, and not ‘frozen dessert’. My favourite flavour is Baccio which is chocolate with a hint of hazlenut; it’s a gelato we get at our local gelato store… they let you combine three flavours in ONE large bowl… so I usually do my top three: Baccio, Toblerone (hello, name gives it away), and After Eight… MIND blowing! I might be tempted to order this gelato… but please don’t tell my husband ;)

  15. Jordan K says

    Blue Bell’s “Crazy Cookie Dough” flavor ice cream is the! I rarely buy that stuff anymore because I have no control over myself when it’s in the house!

  16. Rebecca Webster says

    Favorite flavor of ice cream is definitely coffee, so I think I would love this espresso gelato! But chocolate comes in a close second, so…

  17. says

    My absolute favorite ice cream is a local (but branching out!) called Jeni’s. It’s ah-mah-zing! She uses as local as she can, natural ingredients with an amazing flavor profile! A little expensive, but so worth it to me!

  18. Sara says

    My favorite way to eat ice cream is sitting with my family after a long day – this looks like a healthy way to do just that! :)

  19. Katie G says

    There’s this amaaaazing gelato place in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It’s called Bella Gelateria and it has the best gelato I’ve ever had. And I’ve been to Italy! My favourite flavour is either dark chocolate or salted caramel. Yum!

  20. says

    I usually don’t have a big sweet tooth (give me a bag of chips any ol’ day), but I LOVE ICE CREAM. Chocolate gelato, chocolate ice cream, chocolate frozen yogurt…if it is chocolate and it is frozen, GIMME!

  21. Paige C says

    I’m a big frozen yogurt fan and the obsessional gelato indulgence at a local shop. I like chocolate caramel flavors and coffee! They have a really good birthday cake gelato flavor, too.

  22. says

    Wow, this gelato sounds AMAZING! I need to try this ASAP and would love to win :)

    I love ice cream and fro yo. My favorite flavor is probably chocolate mint chip or chocolate peanut butter, and lately I’ve been digging Stonyfield Farms mint chocolate. So yummy!

  23. Cyndi says

    I bought one of these today. I have to say it was good and didn’t leave me feeling like I ate a whole cake, but my biggest issue was that the one I bought didn’t have a seal of any kind. And I dont like things that come without a seal. Call me paranoid, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it was already opened. True that some things don’t have seals, but I will not be buying this again for fear I would get another unsealed container. I let it slide because going back to the store would be a hassle and I didn’t want to waste the money by throwing it away.

    • Hillary says

      Hi Cyndi – None of my samples had seals, but I think it would be smart of the company to add one. Great suggestion!

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