Fueling Our Fitness {Weekly Workouts}

If I can keep my eyes open until I finish writing this post, that will be a miracle. My valentine and I spent the weekend doing what we love most: being active and eating good-for-you, satisfyingly scrumptious food.

With two consecutive rest days during the week, my body was prepped for a fun, fitness-packed weekend: 8 miles of outdoor running plus a two hour gym date now has me horizontal on the couch. Seriously, where’s the Advil?

Along with the exercise, P and I also enjoyed many tasty eats, including >>

take-out wood fired pizza on Friday night; Talenti (hazelnut!) gelato; creamy banana raspberry oatmeal with hemp hearts; Saturday runs to the farmers’ market and Costco (organic blueberries are restocked!); wild salmon and roasted veggies; Moscow Mules; Paleo almond meal waffles; kale smoothies; and grilled turkey (yes, turkey!) pesto sandwiches. #eatALLthefood


Workouts | Week of February 10

Monday15-minute CrossFit-Inspired Workout (6 rounds) + 10-Minute Arm Workout + 10-Minute Core & Mobility Workout

burpee’d out! last 2 rounds of burpees sans push-up

TuesdayBooty Burner Tabata Dumbbell Workout + 3 bodyweight tabatas + Love Your Body with Yoga (TIU routine)

Wednesday1,000 Rep Workout (3 sets only) + Love Your Body with Yoga (TIU routine)

sore body; needed a rest/easy day

ThursdayRest Day

FridayRest Day

I often beat myself for taking rest days, even when I know better. Here’s a great reminder for those that do the same >> Improve Your Workout Regimen with a Rest Day

Saturday – 2 mile run + the ultimate Dirty 30 workout at the WREC

30 reps each >>

  • bicep curls @ 15lb. dumbbells
  • bench press @ 20lb. dumbbells
  • push-ups
  • kettlebell swings @ 35lb.
  • lunges @ 20lb.
  • back squats @ 35lb.
  • squat cleans (15 @ 45lb. // 15 @ 55lb.)
  • toes to bar
  • box jumps
  • atomic push-ups
  • russian twists @ 15lb.
  • Turkish get-ups @ 18lb.

P and I “snuck in” to our old stomping ground – where we met – for the ultimate partner workout. It didn’t seem all too tough at the moment, as it wasn’t a fast paced gym date; but, today, my upper body feels like it was run over by a semi truck.



post-workout homemade meal for two >> wild salmon with creamy avocado sauce // roasted balsamic Brussels and butternut with chèvre & pepitas

Sunday – 6 mile run

I can not remember the last time I ran six miles! So excited about this. P rode next to me on the bike (as well as for the 2 windy miles on Saturday). It was a beautiful, cloudless, sunny Sunday. So much for that forecasted rain.

My body could really use the Love Your Body with Yoga flow now!


Paleo-friendly almond meal waffles


SIX miles & sunshine!


P in his new Heart Day Ray Bans <3


post-run kale smoothies

* * *

How many rest days do you typically take per week?

What’s your favorite post-workout snack/meal?

Do you exercise with your significant other?


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  1. says

    I usually take one rest day a week and another day is just yoga, so that’s an active rest day for me. My favorite post-workout meal is a smoothie!!

  2. says

    Looks like you had great workouts! I envy your ability to take rest days. That is something I struggle with. I feel anxious when I don’t do some type of activity. I try to mix my routines so that I follow a high intensity workout day with a low intensity & weight training day. That way I’m still active, yet not doing high intensity workouts daily.

  3. says

    I saw your Turkish get-ups on IG and you looked awesome! I cannot do those for the life of me. I usually take 1-2 rest days, but always listen to my body! And Scott and I signed up for 2 months unlimited bootcamp classes at our gym and I love going and working out with him!

  4. Caroline says

    Congrats on the 6 miler! The weather looked beautiful for y’all!
    I would like to hear more about your choice to eat turkey! I am curious if this means you’ll be incorporating more poultry or meat into your diet. Did you feel your diet needed more lean protein? As a vegetarian and marathoner, I’m curious! Thanks!

    • Hillary says

      I’m not sure what it means exactly… I’ve just been listening to my body/eating intuitively, and it has been asking for very small amounts of chicken (free-range/hormone-free/organic) or turkey on occasion.

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