Weekly Workouts: All the Planks

Hello there! I’m coming to you a couple days late with my weekly workouts round-up.

weekly workouts

I think I wasn’t as anxious to post my workouts from the past week because I took three rest days, and hence, I wasn’t feeling too stellar about my “performance.”

Then I thought about all that I did do, and how I respected my body by listening to it:

  • Monday: I was extremely sore from the heavy dose of exercise over the weekend
  • Thursday: I had an appointment in the evening that extended my day and I was exhausted, mentally and physically
  • Saturday: I got out of town for the day to spend time with friends


Workouts | Week of February 17

MondayRest Day + plank (10 minutes total)

also did 10 minutes total of plank last Friday, 2/14

Tuesday1,000 Rep Home Workout + Love Your Body with Yoga + plank (12 minutes total)

Wednesday – 15 min. run + 10-Minute Bikini Tone-Up5-Minute All-Over Toning Workout (2 rounds) + plank (8 minutes total)

knees ached during run; no energy; easy/gentle workout

ThursdayRest Day + plank (10 minutes total)

Friday – 20 min. run + 20 min. walk + Dorm Room Dumbbell Workout + plank (5 minutes total)

SaturdayRest Day

Sunday – 45 min. run (approx. 5 miles) + Dirty 30 Workout + plank (5 minutes total)

Plank Party

You may have noticed that I did a plethora of planking last week — 50 minutes total! A small group of us at work have started planking together throughout the day. Every couple of hours, we congregate and bust out 2-3 minutes of planks (of all sorts). The mini breaks add up by the end of the day! For those of you who also work in a casual office setting, you may consider incorporating plank parties into your work schedule.

Of Possible Interest

* * *

What is your favorite core exercise?

Do you exercise at work?


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  1. says

    That’s so great that you have others at your work who want to plank! I go through stages where I like to exercise during my lunch break, it all just depends on what else is going on in life :)

  2. says

    Core workouts throughout the day is a great idea! I’ve been meaning to add these to my routine…pretty sure my co-workers will not join me…but then again maybe they will! That would pretty funny!

  3. says

    The plank is my favourite core exercise at the moment – though I can only hold it for a minute or so (haha)! I love the way they tone your back, sides and stomach all at the same time – such good bang for your buck! :)

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