Healthy Inside VS. Sexy Outside

Do you want the positive or negative first?

Let’s start with the positive!

Positive >>

Six workouts happened this week. Much better than the four from the week prior. None of this week’s sweat seshs were “hardcore extreme”, and they were all relatively moderate/short in length, but I’m definitely glad I got myself movin’ more days than not. Wednesday’s plyo workout was a fun one mid-week!

Negative >>

I’m less than two weeks out from vacation. Bikini body “prep” has been on my mind for quite some time. Well, frankly, probably since I booked the flights to Kuaui. Would I intensify my workout routine or clean up my diet — both?

A couple of weeks ago, I set out to do a second round of the 21-Day Sugar Detox, with plans to actually complete the full 21-day plan. I have a tupperweare of fresh cut pineapple in my fridge, so it’s fair to say that idea was cut short. I have had a lot of practice listening to my body, and it didn’t feel right eating almond butter multiple times per day, albeit tasty. My inside machinery was not/is not running as I had hoped the detox would encourage it to do so.

One more note: the plank party started strong at the beginning of the week, but it quickly fell to the wayside. Tummy troubles are getting in the way of both my “diet” (a.k.a. eating style) and exercise (to some extent).

While a sleek bikini body was a nice idea – and a Hawaiian vacation is the ultimate motivation to tone up – having my insides feel good is more important to me. Currently, my insides (lower abdomen) are a mess… a mess I tell ya.

Friends >> It is so vital to listen to your body. Your mind may want to “detox” – and eating hard boiled eggs and kale may seem doable for three weeks – but if your body is telling/showing you otherwise, please listen to it. It knows what you need. And… stressing about your detox “cheats” and rest days will not help your body perform at its optimal state either. Stress and digestion are linked — I can tell you that.


Workouts | Week of February 24

Monday – 20-Minute Kettlebell Tabata Workout + 50 burpees (no push-up) + 8-Minute Plank Workout + plank (12 minutes total)

Tuesday – 15 min. run + 40-Minute Metabolism-Boosting Workout + 50 step-ups (random) + plank (6 minutes total)

low energy, minimal effort

Wednesday – Power Plyo Tabata Workout + plank (10 minutes total)

Thursday – Rest Day 

Friday – 30 min. cycle + 100 burpees (with push-up), 100 kettlebell swings @ 25#, 100 squats @ 25# + plank (2 minutes)

Saturday – 3.1 mile run + Dorm Room Dumbbell Workout (sans burpees)

Sunday – 3.5 mile run

* * *

Let’s chat!

Do you typically perform burpees with or without a push-up?

Would you rather run in the heat or cold?

Have you ever pressured yourself to “tone up” for a vacation or event?

What method did you use? What was that experience like for you?


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  1. says

    I had a similar experience with the 21-Day Sugar Detox and found that my stomach was upset all the time. I found that I was also eating nuts all the time. I know this is not healthy and I am trying to find a balance :) It is a slow process.

  2. says

    The week before a vacation I am drinking a bunch of water and eating the best foods for me. For me, whole foods make me feel so great. I am eating a ton of veggies and fruit and lean protein and this makes me feel my best.

    I would totally rather run in the warmth!

  3. says

    I usually do burpees with a push up, but in the Fitnessista’s recent shape-up, she had us do them without the burpees, which was a nice change. I usually have too much to do before a trip to really focus about super clean eating, although I generally do eat 80-85% clean. Before my wedding, I had all these grandiose plans of eating totally clean and getting extra lean, but ultimately, I was fit, looked good regardless and I wasn’t cranky from eating lower cal. Ultimately, I looked and felt like me. About a month or two before, I cut back on some of my longer runs and did more intensity (HIIT, tabata, etc.) and shorter runs.

  4. says

    I don’t do burpees with a push-up, ever haha. I do jump at the top though! I try to focus on my diet more than workouts before a trip or event. I think eating helps more overall if you’re generally active!

  5. says

    I would rather do push-ups than burpees. I would rather run in the heat, although 115 heat is a whole other level of heat, so I suppose it depends on your definition of heat. I don’t try to slim up for vacations. I stick to my normal workouts. If anything, I try to eat cleaner as I get close to a vacation because I know I’m going to eat out more and allow myself to eat treats. Cutting out sugar is definitely a problem for me. I eat plenty of fruit, but try to limit processed sugars from my diet and stick to lean proteins. That seems to work best for me.

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