Thursday Things

1 // I am quite thirsty for a ginger beergarita… but have you seen the price of limes!?

2 // I need a dose of therapy stat. Ahem, this bathing suit.

3 // I am intrigued to try oil pulling, as my last dentist appointment was a little less than stellar. Have you tried it?

4 // Roasted cinnamon pecan butter. Oh my heavens! I spontaneously swirled up a small batch of this Sunday with some leftover pecans. Now I’m off to the bulk bins to replenish my nuts. A gallon of this must be made immediately.

5 // Last night – eating dinner alfresco at a local wood-fired pizza joint – a bird pooped on my head! I think that’s a first for me. Glad I was the target and not the pie.


6 // I went four whole days without coffee… but I then I caved at 10:00am today. I was trying to see if the iced coffee/morning caffeine drip was troubling my tummy; but four days without showed no signs of hope.

7 // It feels really nice to have all of my IIN work for the week done already. Free weekend from “homework” = out of town with family.

8 // My scale has been hiding under my bed since May 1 (and I don’t remember the last time I weighed myself before then); feeling curvier, but trying my best to break up with the scale for good.

9 // This kettlebell complex strength building workout looks killer!

10 // I am sort of obsessed with my new 100% Pure skin care routine.



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  1. says

    Um, yeah, the Tone It Up bikinis are adorable. I’m just afraid they wouldn’t look so adorable on me. :)

    Nice work on the scale breakup! After marathon training, I thought I had lost weight, but the truth was, I had just lost muscle from not doing as much HIIT and doing more strict running instead. Turns out, it changed how I saw those few extra lbs… they’re just proof I got my muscle back when I saw the scale go back up again.

    I definitely need to get a new skin routine as my skin just hasn’t been happy lately.

  2. says

    I’ve noticed the pricey limes, too! It’s slightly ridiculous – lemon juice on tacos might need to start being a thing. ;) And don’t worry about the bird poop – in Italy, it is totally good luck.

    Also, I’m sending you a virtual high five for keeping your scale far far under your bed. We all know how dumb math and numbers are anyway (:

    • Hillary says

      Hehe, thanks Miss Grace — you’re too cute.

      BTW, can we PLEASE get together before you leave for summah!?

  3. says

    Found your blog through Peanut Butter Runner…I won’t even try to give up coffee, because I love it too much. I did stop chewing gum for 3 weeks, but caved today. I cannot remember the last time I stepped on a scale and I love it. I can usually tell with my skinny jeans, but my legs have gotten stronger and bigger, plus now that I live in Houston and it’s hot as heck, dresses are the way to go. ;)

    • Hillary says

      Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ve visited your wonderful blog several times. Ah, gum is a vice of mine, too. I’ve given it up for a few short weeks as well, but I most always have a pack of peppermint Orbit in my purse.

  4. says

    Way to go on the progress with “breaking up with the scale.” I had to do that myself as well! Now I never weigh myself except for at the doctor, and I don’t even think about it. Much happier after the break up. :) Glad you got the IIN homework done too! I’m still working on it…haha. Had a busy week so far. Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    The price of limes AND lemons are killin’ me. I am not buying limes anymore until the go down. Especially since I bought one for 79 cents and it was just a dried up carcass of a lime — boo!

    That swim suit is SO cute, but so damn expensive (I think)!

  6. says

    We love oil pulling around these parts. Most of us who do it use coconut oil. A little strange at first, but once you get used to it, it’s like having dentist fresh teeth every day!

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