In the Spirit of Running

Happy Hump Day, and more notably, Happy National Running Day!


Seeing as that I’m a long time runner, and my blog has the adjective in it’s name, you’d probably expect I’d be out celebrating one of my favorite pastimes.

Unfortunately, I am still recovering from a long, ugly bought of bronchitis; so my running shoes are planning to go for a light stroll tonight instead.


On a brighter note, I signed up for race! All my fingers are crossed that my body will be well enough to run the 3.5 mile trail run next Friday night with my girlfriend. The race starts at 7:30pm and the finish line ends in the lake — should be interesting and hopefully a lot of fun! If you’ve been reading Nutrition Nut for some time, you know that I was sidelined from running in December 2012 from a knee injury; a year and half later, I am finally exercising mostly pain-free — hooray!


In the spirit of running, below are some of my favorite running related posts from over the years:

Why do you run?


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