A Happy Balance {Weekly Workouts}

Gooood mornin’! I am coming at ya with my Weekly Workouts recap a little late since yesterday’s Triple Coconut Energizing Green Smoothie stole the show — now that’s a recipe to start off a fresh, healthy week!

1. I can’t believe it is MID-July.

2. I am rather impressed that I have recapped all of my workouts for the past 7 1/2 months. For fitness inspiration, motivation, and workout ideas, feel free to browse my Weekly Workouts recaps.

weekly workouts

Last week was, unintentionally, a strong week on the fitness front. I intuitively exercised, as I typically do, which resulted in a happy balance of cardio and strength.

Workouts | Week of July 7

MondayDumbbell Superset Workout (@ 15lb.) + 100 (no push-up) burpees

Tuesday – 4.25 mile run (Insta video)



ThursdayBurpee Arm Burner (+ 20 burpees) + 5 x sandbag set + 2 mile run

sandbag set:

  • jump rope x 100 reps
  • 20 kettlebell swings (@ 25lb.)
  • 15 sandbag sumo squats (@ 35+ lbs.)
  • 10 sandbag lunges
  • 5 squat cleans + overhead press

Hello, sandbag – it’s nice to see you again.

Friday – WREC workout, not excluded to:

  • 2 mile run (treadmill hills/intervals – yay!)
  • (3x) 5 atomic push-ups // 20 lunges @ 30lb. // 20 wood choppers @ 15lb.
  • numerous squat cleans @ 45/55lb.
  • numerous deadlifts @ 75lb.
  • kettlebell swings, box jumps, leg raises

Friday evening after work, I spontaneously joined my roommate for a gym date at the WREC (a.k.a. my happy place). I didn’t have a set workout in mind, so my goal was to utilize as much of the equipment I don’t have at home (i.e. treadmill, barbells, stability ball, medicine ball, plyo box, etc.); this resulted in total body soreness the following morning.


Saturday – 3 mile run

I thought Saturday might be an active rest day because I was so sore from Friday’s fun; but then I got a text from P saying he ran 6 miles on the beach in Santa Cruz. My boy doesn’t do distance, so my competitive spirit got the best of me and I got in a few hot miles myself sans sand.


Sunday – 30 min. cycle + 30 min. Vinyasa Strong Flow

Yoga – so needed at the end of this week.

* * *

What’s your summer fitness fling?

Do you record your workouts?


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  1. says

    I record my workouts on Evernote on my lap top and I track my cardio on RunKeeper, but I think I’m going to start logging my strength training in runkeeper as well. I just follow my family and a couple friends on RunKeeper and we’ve all been able to push each other with our goals. I really love it.

    Good job on your workouts last week! I loved that running video. It made me want to get out and run as I was watching it.

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