10K Training & Weekly Workouts

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Well, hello there. Yes, I have two posts for y’all on this blustery Sunday. Did you catch this mornings Check-IIN all about cravings?

So, I am running a 10K race run 3 weeks from today! The race is completely flat and in the park where I run often – so I know what I’m getting myself into – but I am a bit apprehensive because I haven’t been running much distance. Obviously, I am not seriously training for this event if I’m just now realizing it’s less than 21 days away; but, I’d like to have a strong, pain-free run.

The Game Plan >>

  • Run at least 3x/week
  • Get in a few 5-6 mile runs
  • Buy new running shoes!

Unfortunately, I don’t have regular access to a treadmill; otherwise, I’d definitely be adding in some interval and hill training.

Workouts | Week of July 14

This week wasn’t as full of fitness as last week’s six strong days, but it felt right nonetheless. I didn’t plan to take two rest days smack dab in the middle of the week, but socializing with friends in the evenings reigned supreme… and I think my body is better from the time off.

Monday – 45 min. cycle (while listening to IIN lectures)

Tuesday – (2x) Dumbbell Chipper (15/10lb.) + 10 min. run + 5 min. dumbbell ab workout from Women’s Health Magazine


Thursday – Rest

FridayWREC workout (again, yay!):

  • 1/2 mile track run (warm-up)

circuit (4x):

  • 25 swings @ 35lb.
  • 20 lunges @ 30lb.
  • 15 box jump
  • 10 plank rows @ 15lb.
  • 5 atomic push-ups
  • run 1 lap (1/8 mile) around the track
  • 10 min. incline treadmill run
  • assortment of ab exercises

SaturdayKettlebell & Dumbbell Workout (25/15lb.) + 80 jumping lunges

changed up set #3 with dumbbell snatches and Turkish get-ups; the 15lb. dumbbells are still kicking my butt!

Sunday – 4 mile run


Do you prefer having an active week and relaxing weekend or vice versa?

How would you train for a 10K in 3 weeks?


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  1. Rose says

    Do you have any advice for a first time runner? Any workout plans? I started to run but kept having to stop and get discouraged. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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