Weekend {Social Media} Cleanse

This weekend I am taking a much-needed break from all computer screens and having some quality down time with my mama/best friend (note: I wrote this post before the weekend commenced).

Between corporate wellness work, Nutrition Nut work, and the IIN program, I am in front of a screen too many hours of every day. I looove social media, and I see the benefits in using multiple channels, especially when blogging for business; but sometimes, it’s just too much unnecessary info in front our eyes – too much for our brains to process.

Recently, I noticed that a few of my social media accounts could use some dusting, if you will, to clean up the cluttered spaces with information that doesn’t interest me. Frankly, a lot of the photos and articles are nearly identical, just tweaked slightly.

If not this weekend, some weekend, try one or all of these simple tips for a clean sweep of your space on the Internet:


1 // Un-like Facebook Pages

…(just not Nutrition Nut!) that you ignore subconsciously. If you always skip over their posts, why have them hog your feed?


2 // Freshen-up Your Following Lists

Is your Twitter feed buzzin’ at 200 tweets per minute? How many of those do you actually read? Are you following Instagram accounts that may be harming your self-esteem? Is your Pinterest page full of house decor that is gosh-awful ugly? Take 10-20 minutes to rethink which accounts you enjoy following; you’ll most likely never miss 10 tweeters you started following in 2009.

3 // Un-subscribe to E-mail Lists

…that you delete without opening. For example, if you are an online shopper, you most likely get floods of e-mails daily about deals and sales.

4 // Organize Your Inbox

Sunday evening, clean up your inbox. Flag e-mails that need to be responded to, archive e-mails to appropriate folders, and delete the rest! Come Monday morning, you won’t be overwhelmed with junk mail.

* * *

 What are your tips for keeping your Internet space neat and tidy?


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  1. says

    What a great idea, have so much fun staying away from technology this weekend and hanging with your mom!

    I know that we talked about this earlier this week, but I couldn’t agree more that I spend too much time in front of the computer and on social media. Sometimes I’ll just put my computer, tablet, and phone away for the night, and it’s such a nice break!

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