Weekending with Mom II

Mother-Daughter Weekend, Summer 2014 edition was full and fulfilling.

Friday Night

After showering from my sweaty workout, my mom and I headed downtown for drinks and sushi… and gelato. We started at one of my favorite bars, Argus, and shared a couple of new-to-us cocktails with rosemary-infused gin, mmm.

Next, we made our way down the street to Raw Bar for veggie sushi rolls, a peanut noodle salad, and edamame pesto-crusted salmon with quinoa risotto. Of course I charged my camera and then forgot my camera card at home, ergh.

Gelato followed. Our full tummies were a forshadowing of our full weekend ahead…


Saturday started with toast, followed by a trip to the Saturday market. We probably could have loaded up our bags even more so — Chico prices rock! — but we had Caribbean pedicure appointments awaiting us.

Fresh heirloom tomato and basil sandwiches were consumed for lunch/pre-shopping fuel. My mom and I headed out to the stores, hopeful to make progress on my living/dining room face lift (Summer Bucket List). We spent the remainder of the day running around town – here, there, and everywhere.

Our original dinner plans got swapped for simpler tomato toast, salad, and Mules after a mentally exhausting afternoon (decor decisions are tough).

We Mom managed to make homemade coffee chocolate chunk ice cream (Summer Bucket List). Great flavor, but unfortunately too icy. At least it kept us up for late-night DIY-ing.






photo 1-2

photo 3-2


After running 6.25 miles in the park (Mom on my bike) on an empty stomach, I whipped up a batch of Jenna’s whole wheat banana waffles with a couple substations. It had been too long since I used my waffle maker; boy, they tasted good!

Foamy iced lattes fueled us through round two of decor shopping (including my first antique shop purchase).

Between assembling furniture and arranging wall art, my mom made this savory corn tomato basil tart with the best buttery, cornmeal crust. Paired with a strawberry spinach salad, it was comfort food on a sort of dreary (smoky/cloudy) summer Sunday.


photo 2-3

Just two of six items remaining to cross off my Summer Bucket List — I think I can…

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, Mama!

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