Snatches, Stairs & Savasana {Weekly Workouts}

It’s Monday! Last week was a bit rough, but it’s time to tackle this new week with enthusiasm!

upOn the docket: park run with with my college friend (who moved back into town yesterday!) // Dad visits // dinner with my foodie friend // blog project deadline // IIN coaching call // prepping for P’s b-day weekend and all the little things in between

Before I get ahead of myself, last week’s activity:


Insta love!

Workouts | Week of August 11

Monday – 75 min. vinyasa yoga class

Tuesdayrun/walk (not timed nor measured)

WednesdayBirthday Workout (3 rounds @ 15lb. dumbbells/25lb. kettlebell) + 25 extra kettlebell swings + 25 bicep curls + 25 sets of stairs

ThursdayRest (sore from Wednesday!)

FridayFirm & Perky Workout + Quick & Sweaty Arm Burner + 5-Minute Workout: Tone Your Butt & Thighs

quick, “last-minute” workout — better than nothing!

Saturday5 mile run

Sunday3.1 mile run + this kettlebell workout (3x) + 50 step-ups with knee + 50 jump squats

I am finally able to single-arm snatch my 25lb. kettlebell — it’s the little things!

* * *

What’s on your fitness and/or life docket this week?


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