14 Things To Do This Weekend

<< 14 Things To Do This Weekend >>


Do a {social media} detox

Sip fresh green juice

Buy yourself flowers

Send a note by snail mail

Sweat it out with a tabata jump rope workout

Enjoy a grapefruit mojito or juicy peach margarita

Sleep in and/or take a nap

Go for a hike

Raid your farmers’ market

Enjoy some down time of your choice

Call a family member or friend

Treat yourself to Sinless Saturday Waffles

Plan a fall weekend getaway

Make zoodles!

* * *

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  1. says

    love this list! mine included:
    – spend slow time with good friends
    – explore my city
    – go to bed early
    – enjoy the last few weeks of this toasty summer!

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