Almond Milk

Two Variables


I have been wanting to make a Chocolate Cherry Bomb for… months! I don’t really know what was stopping me – I think it was the ridiculous price of cherries. Anyhow, I finally purchased all of the ingredients I needed to create this adored smoothie, and today was the day I decided to give it […]

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A for Effort


Hey Guys! I’ve got a little gift for you tonight: pictures! I know I’ve been a slacker lately – the photos I have taken are barely passing quality – but I think I deserve an A for effort today : ) Breakfast #1 3/4 cup Raisin Bran, 1/4 cup Cheery Cherry Almond Granola, 1/2 Banana […]

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Tasty Saturday Eats


Saturday, why do you always zoom by? How cool would a 48-hour Saturday be? I don’t know about you all, but my Saturday to-do lists are always a mile long and rarely do I ever get everything done, leaving me one more thing for Sunday: stress. – EATS – Every single bite of food I […]

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